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Much of today's popular communication
media is emotionally charged, seemingly
designed to sell a product, service, or
perspective with little reliable data backing it
up; a distorted 'Spin Zone.'

Reliable data, presented clearly in graphical
format is easy to understand, highlights the
relationship between the data, and is more
likely to provide an unbiased perspective.
The data is the data. No spin, just
Supporting Evidence.
Better understanding and decision-making through reliable data in clear graphical format.
So What?

Need help interpreting what you see? No
problem. Below each graph in the 'So What'
section, we've tried to point out some interesting
things to notice about the data. Caution: we may
miss important points, or emphasize something
that is not important to you, or just plain mess
up. An unintentional 'Spin Zone!"

So review the graphs and sources yourself.
Consider what you think is important. Let us
know if you think we've missed or distorted
something. What is the perspective of the
Supporting Evidence?
Check us out-- Tell us what you think!
Click around the site. Check out the graphs.
Check out the data sources. Let us know
what you think. Tell us what you want to see
in future pages by clicking 'Contact Us' on
the left menu bar.

Why graphical data?
A perspective without supporting evidence
is recognized as such. When opinion is
presented as fact, you've entered the 'Spin
Zone.' To combat spin, the weapon of
choice is reliable, understandable data.
Every graphic includes a link to the primary
data source, so you can evaluate the
reliability of the data yourself.

Separate fact from opinion and make better
decisions with Supporting Evidence.
Show me the data
Click on an image for a larger view
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