Reliable information clearly communicated leads to the best outcomes.

Call it transparency, facts, knowledge, data, or even Truth. Reliable information communicated in an understandable way can
make all the difference. It can provide new insights. It can make you smile. It can make you angry. It can change a decision. It
can make things happen where they otherwise wouldn't.

Combine clear, reliable information with the communication power of the Internet and you greatly multiply the potential to
inform, correct misunderstanding, improve decisions, take corrective action.

We founded Supporting Evidence with the goal of collecting data from reliable sources, comparing and combining it in a variety
of ways and publishing understandable charts that inform and entertain our visitors.

So click around the site. Check out the charts. Share them with your friends and family. Sign up for our free subscription
service. Let us know what you think. Your feedback will tell us if we're finding the data you want, comparing it the way you want,
and communicating it clearly.
Contact Us with your ideas.

Enjoy! Thanks for visiting!                                        
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