So What?

1) The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) compiled data for life expectancy at birth and
amount of alcohol consumed by individuals 15 years and older in several countries. Beer, wine, and spirit consumption was
weighted based on alcohol content.

2) Generally, most results group between 77.5 to 80.5 years of age and 6.5 to 12 liters per year.

3) Within the main grouping, generally slight negative correlation between life expectancy and alcohol consumption, with larger
amounts of alcohol related to slightly lower life expectancy.

4) Results for the US are at the lower end of the grouping in life expectancy and lower third in alcohol consumption.

5) France has very high alcohol consumption but maintains life expectancy about equal to the average of the main group.

6) Luxembourg has the highest per capita alcohol consumption of the countries studied.

7) Mexico has much lower per capita alcohol consumption than most countries in the western hemisphere.

8) Turkey has the lowest per capita alcohol consumption and the lowest life expectancy of the countries studied.
Life Expectancy vs. Alcohol Consumption by Country
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Life Expectancy vs. Alcohol Consumption by Country
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