Source: Graduation Rates 2008 U.S. Census
So What?

1) Data was not available for Hispanic students until 1974 and Asian students until 2003.

2) Impressive gains from 1940 through late 1990s in percent of 25+ year olds who have 4+ years of high school education.

3) Gains could be due to stronger commitment to secondary education by teachers, students, parents, and society in general.

4) Black student graduation rate has been rapidly approaching that of White students.

5) Hispanic student graduation rate has not been gaining on that of White students until about 2006.

6) White and Black graduations rates have been flattening out until about 2006, with Whites at about 87% and Blacks at 83%.

7) For the short time data has been available, Asian student graduation rate has been in the high 80s percent, approaching

8) Compare these High School Graduation Rates with the much lower
College Graduation Rates Over Time.
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High School Graduation Rates Over Time
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High School Graduation Rates Over Time