Source: Graduation Rates 2008 U.S. Census

1) Data was not available for Hispanic students until 1974 and Asian students until 2003.

2) Significantly higher percentage of 25+ year old Asians has 4+ years of college (52%) compared to next group, Whites (30%).

3) Much lower percent of population 25+ year olds has 4 or more years of college than 4 or more years of high school (
School Graduation Rates Over Time).

4) Percentage of Whites with four years of college has nearly tripled from 1960 to 2006. Percentage of Blacks increased about
four and a half times during the same period. Hispanics with the same amount of college have about doubled from 1974 to

5) College experience in all four racial groups continues to increase through 2006.
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College Graduation Rates Over Time
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College Graduation Rates Over Time